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ʺGunal Gayrimenkulʺ is a typical estate agency providing people with information while they are making important decisions in their life. The agency has experience in guide profession and has knowledge important in this profession, functioning on the principles of correctness and honesty, being a professional in different spheres, not only in the sphere of immovable property.

ʺGunal Gayrimenkulʺ, being a typical estate agency, is ready for changes and has a dynamic character. In Didim (Aydin region), in our central office and at our web-site, you may find all necessary information about immovable property to be sold or rented. We will continue helping immovable property owners to sell their property in a clear atmosphere as soon as possible. Besides, we will help our clients to choose the best property according to their finances.

We can not deny the fact that you, our dear Clients, have investments in Turkey connected with developing service quality and rise of professionalism in the sphere of immovable property. There are so many agencies functioning in a wrong (not ethic) way. So, our dear Clients, if you choose right people and agencies, the sphere of immovable property will always be up to the latest world standards that you deserve.

Nobody should doubt about the fact that ʺGunalʺ agents will function in the same way on the principle of honesty in future.




Yours faithfully

Ozgur Gunal


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